2022-06-03 06:19:46

MPI Targets Further Carbon Footprint Cuts by becoming a Renewable-Powered Industry

PT. Metro Pearl Indonesia (MPI) looks to step up their use of green energy through their newly announced Solar PV rooftop project cooperation with SESNA Group. Both parties signed an agreement on 24/05 to install 2,730 kWp Solar PV rooftop at the facility of PT. MPI in Purwakarta. This installation is a form of commitment from PT. MPI to minimize its carbon footprint and environmental impact, PT. MPI really hopes this action could inspire other industries to implement sustainable business by using renewable energy power sources.

PT. MPI realizes the carbon footprint that a manufacturer could produce is the largest contributor to the carbon emissions. The commitment from PT. MPI is expected to reduce carbon dioxide up to 49.281.778 kg, which also equals to reduce 129.818.580 kg coal burned and 1.411.663.576 trees planted. Indonesia has a goal to accelerate the use of renewable energy up to 23% until 2025 and by installing Solar PV rooftop, PT. MPI has contributed to this goal. The Solar PV system will be operating as long as there is sunlight, which in Indonesia could be a huge potential, PT MPI sees this as an opportunity to utilize Indonesia’s great abundance of sunlight into an energy source for its manufacturer. The Solar saving from MPI’s installation is predicted to produce solar saving upto 39% until the next 20 years, which explains why solar energy is a good investment.

From installing Solar PV rooftop, PT MPI retains all rights to Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) as a proof of PT MPI’s contribution to the environment to reduce carbon emissions through the use of renewable energy sources. PT MPI also has the right to the other environmental attributes and commercial benefits from the generated electricity, including the ability to retire credits. Aligned with the Indonesian Government program regarding Solar Rooftop incentives, PT MPI is able to retire electricity credits to the PLN.

The business cooperation scheme with SESNA Group as the solar PV developer is using Solar Rental Service and Transfer Agreement (SRSTA), in which there is no need for PT MPI to place any down payment (0%), the starting price is also below the current PLN tariff, hence this made solar PV installation gets more interesting. The contract period is 20 years and PT. MPI has the right to own and continue to use the solar PV system even after the contract period has ended without any extra cost.

PT MPI believes that aside from declaring environmental commitment, this action is also a form of meaningful collaboration in the battle to fight climate change. PT MPI is committed to produce environmentally-friendly products and is glad to contribute in helping Indonesia to enhance renewable energy use and reduce the number of total carbon emissions produced by industries. In addition to the environmental commitment, the Solar PV rooftop installation is also a proof of PT MPI could also open a great opportunity to a green investment for the industry.


By: Valencia Octaviani