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The Power of Solar

Nowadays, solar power has become increasingly cost effective and technologically efficient, surpassing its fossil fuel counterparts like diesel and natural gas. Generating your own electricity means that you have a better control of your electricity bill yet reducing the usage. As the leading solar downstream company in Indonesia, Solar Warrior will lead Indonesia to a greener future.

Our Scope of Works


Once we have determined the installation points by the time of site survey, we will create a solar panel system design that best meets your efficiency needs.


We only provide Top Tier #1 solar module and inverter that will give a prestige impression to your property.

Installation & Construction

Solar Warrior team are professional and experienced in their field. It is proven with the extensive history of our solar panel system installations in Eastern Indonesia, East Java, Jakarta, several resorts and hotels, and residences.

Project Management

Our many years of our experience working on projects teach us how to manage and finalize our project completely optimized for reliability.

Operation & Maintenance

We are also responsible in Operation & Maintenance to keep your solar panel system quality is good. Our service is also equipped with monitoring system to ensure the intensity of sunlight absorption to your solar panels.


Thanks to our experience and international network, we provide financial solution as sustainable as solar energy.

Our Vision & Mission

Our desire to become a leading company for increasing the utilization of advance technology of renewable energy resources is seen in our company vision. The way to bring this vision into realization - conduct digital marketing and offline marketing to increase our customer awareness with the renewable energy resources, specifically solar energy – Prioritizing R&D towards technology to provide the best products and services – Supporting our stakeholders to create a better solution for a better climates, especially for electricity – is captured in our company mission.


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